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SWAT Team | Firearms Range

Buckhannon’s SWAT Team

The Buckhannon Police Department SWAT team was created in 2006 to better ensure the safety of our officers and all citizens in the response of high risk situations.

Three of the officers currently assigned to the team are Firearms instructors and one officer is a certified armorer.

Pictured left to right: Sgt. Doug Loudin, Ptlm. William Courtney, PFC Tom Posey, Ptlm. Nick Caynor

The team has a wide range of semi-automatic and automatic weapons, as well as other tools to their advantage.  They also have less lethal and diversionary devices.

The SWAT team undergoes monthly training to ensure they maintain the skills learned through training.  The SWAT team has received training through BlackHeart International and Ross Tactical Training Services.

Firearms Range

With the cooperation of the City of Buckhannon Waste Collection Board, the Buckhannon Police Department was granted permission to use land behind the City Waste Garage to be used for firearms training.  This range has allowed officers of the Buckhannon Police Department to maintain their necessary qualifications on their assigned firearms as well as be a venue for specialized tactical training.  Specifically, having this capability has allowed the police department to become more proficient and at the same time, more capable in the area of firearms.  This has added tremendously to the safety of our officers as well as the citizens that we are sworn to protect.

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