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     The Buckhannon Police Department works traffic enforcement throughout the City of Buckhannon to ensure the safety of the motoring public, as well as all others who walk, bicycle, etc. the streets of Buckhannon.  For the past six years, the Buckhannon Police Department has been recognized by the AAA with the national Platinum Award for Highway Safety.  This is the highest award any agency can receive and is testament to the hard work that our officers put forward to ensure that our citizens are safe.  Covering everything from DUI enforcement to traffic violations such as, speeding, stop signs, etc., the police department is comprehensive in its approach to maintaining a high degree of visibility coupled with the assurance that our roads are among the safest in the nation.

     Some strategies that the police department employs to achieve our goal of safe highways are:

Checkpoints and Saturation patrols

     An aggressive approach in which the police department works with the WV Governors Highway Safety Program, as well as the Governor’s Commission on Drunk Driving Prevention, to help prevent the dangers that come with drunk drivers being on the road.  Throughout the year officers work a combined 500 plus hours, where they work above and beyond their scheduled shifts strictly for DUI enforcement – all of which is grant funded overtime.

     Checkpoints are held periodically throughout the year to target the drunk driver, as well as to educate the motoring public concerning our mission to eliminate DUI drivers from the roadway.

Speed Trailers

     The Buckhannon Police Department currently has a radar trailer so drivers are more aware of their speed.  The trailer is taken to various neighborhoods and is used as an educational resource to help drivers be more aware of their speed and of the speed limits in the respective areas where the trailer is located.

Traffic School

     The Buckhannon Police department offers a traffic school that covers a wide array of safety topics as an alternative to fines associated with moving traffic violations. Every 90 days this 2 hour safety class, covers all of the following traffic issues:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Driver training
  • Drowsy training
  • Large truck safety
  • Motorcycle
  • Elderly driving and pedestrian safety
  • Railroad grade crossing
  • Red light running
  • Teen drivers
  • Work zone safety

     This is accomplished through a video presentation, a pre and post test and a class discussion on a variety of different issues. The traffic school class is instructed by the lieutenant of the Police Department who is also a certified traffic school instructor. Participation in this traffic school has increased dramatically since the first time it was held in 1994. The cost of the class is $50 plus the cost of the citation received. Once the class is completed and passed, no points will be issued to your license and the ticket will be dismissed. The notification of a citation will stay on the city’s records but the state will not be notified.

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