Our police department offers a variety of service to the resident and visitors of our community.

Fingerprinting services are offered Monday - Friday 9:00a. - 3:00p. at the Buckhannon City Police Department, 24 South Florida St. Buckhannon, WV The cost is $5.00 per card.

    Each of these reports may be obtained at the Buckhannon Police Department, 24 South Florida Street, Buckhannon, WV 26201, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or requested by mail. For any questions, you may call City Hall at 304-472-5723 or e-mail our administrative assistant Tim Smith.

    • Offense Reports are available per Freedom of Information Act regulations at $3.00 per basic report. There may be additional charges depending on the length of the report.
    • Accident Reports are available 24 hours after the accident and are available at $20.00 each.

    The Buckhannon Police Department offers a variety of training programs to law enforcement agencies from throughout West Virginia and beyond. Currently, we have six officers on staff who are certified law enforcement instructors.

    For additional information regarding our training classes, please contact our office at (304) 472-5723.

    Our areas of expertise cover the following areas:

    • Police Administration
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Firearms (Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle) Training
    • Self defense (coming soon)

    The Buckhannon Police Department recognizes the severe consequences of underage drinking. The department's goal is to educate young people about the dangers of underage drinking so they can make better decisions over the course of their lives. Studies have shown that if students are given the honest truths about drinking alcohol then they will make the right decisions.

    B.A.S.I.C. Decisions

    B.A.S.I.C. Decisions is a movie about the dangers of underage drinking and its lifelong consequences. The movie was filmed in its entirety in Buckhannon with help from many local citizens, and businesses.

    The Buckhannon Police Department shows the movie to a variety of schools, youth groups and other community groups throughout the year. For more information about B.A.S.I.C. Decisions, please contact the Buckhannon Police Department at (304) 472-5723 or e-mail Chief Matt Gregory.

      Youth Services

      Bicycle Rodeos are conducted during events like National Night Out for the children of Buckhannon. Buckhannon Police Department’s Bike Patrol Unit are the officers in charge of conducting the Bicycle Rodeo. It is an educational program for children and their parents on bicycle and pedestrian safety. Bicycle rodeos are also held semi-annually at the Academy School, which is made possible by a Safe Routes to School Grant.

      Bike Ride with the Cops is an event that allows bike patrol officers to teach children how to safely and securely walk or bike to school with groups and also teaching them how and when to cross the streets. It is held annually each summer at the city’s Stockert Youth Center. 

        Each year, during the weeks preceding Halloween, the officers of the Buckhannon Police Department visit the local preschools and elementary schools to inform children about Halloween safety. Approximately 600 children are informed how to remain safe during the Halloween festivities. A presentation known as the “Halloween Safety Neighborhood” is shown to provide a visual aid for the children. During this display, Buckhannon’s very own Halloween safety super hero makes a special appearance to stress the importance of Halloween safety, road safety and stranger danger. In addition to these safety tips, each child is the recipient of a reflective trick-or-treat bag containing a Halloween safety coloring book, crayons, a list of safety tips and other information to encourage safety.

        Trunk or Treat: Just prior to Halloween, the Buckhannon Police Department holds their annual "Trunk or Treat" event at the Buckhannon Public Safety Complex. This event provides a safe environment for children to trick or treat with their families, and also allows families to interact with the local agencies participating in the event.

        Listed below are more Halloween safety tips to help keep children safe:

        • Go trick-or-treating with a grown-up
        • Visit only those people who you know
        • Make sure your costume lets you see and hear perfectly
        • Carry a flashlight
        • Make sure your costume fits. It is easy to trip on costumes that are too large
        • Make yourself visible to cars by wearing brightly colored clothing
        • Have either your parents or a trusted adult check your treats before enjoying them

        Each year, the Buckhannon Police Department hosts their National Night Out event. This annual August event held at the Upshur County Pool is a great way to welcome the Fall season. The Buckhannon Police Bike Patrol unit conducts a bicycle rodeo for the children in attendance. In addition, many demonstrations catch the public’s eye, including the HealthNet, EMS, Fire Department, S.W.A.T. unit, FBI fingerprinting and the K-9 unit. To complement these festivities, the Buckhannon Police Department provides multiple informational booths to expand your knowledge, along with a “Cops and Rodders” classic car show. All of these festivities contribute to the excitement of this event.

          Buckhannon Public
          Safety Complex
          24 South Florida Street
          Buckhannon WV 26201